quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

love letter

I see you. Everywhere. Me and you, side by side below the sky darkness. I can’t avoid. I see your Smile lighting up this whole place. Indeed you are the light I see through. The light which makes this superficial world we live, truly matters.
When you show up suddenly is no longer gravity who grabs me to Earth. You are.
Nothing makes more sense than the way you smile. The way your eyes look right to mine. It burns my breath. It's like an infinite sensation of distress fed by your presence. And my heart dances to your melody.
Throughout all love letters, love words, expressing this turns everyday more complicated. Because to me I feel for you something no one wrote about yet. Although the words to describe it are the same.
Its something similar to the sunset and the moonlight together. When you forget if you're awake or dreaming. Gathering all the stars in one and only person, that would be you.
I lost the rhythm of my own heart beating because part of it now rests with yours.
I wish I could have one chance to tell you, but what hurts the most is having so much to say, being so close but lose every courage taken by fear.
After all the things in life that I could feel, now I found out there is nothing but home.
Home is you.
You are now the main stream thought of my mind.
Thank you is the only thing I can say.
Thank you for being you.
To me.

Love, Ritawilliams

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