terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

the words i never told you..

"You make me feel cold while I'm burning inside, without you i feel thirsty while outside my window is snowing. When you're not around, my world falls apart, just like Earth without sun. Ice, fire; open, closed; happy, sad; you are the only one that can wake up these critical reactions in me. That never happened before. I cannot stand it anymore, this is me, trying to find a way to get you. You changed me, and I guess I would do anything for you.
If I hadn't legs, I would creep 'till the end of the world to see you smile.
If I had to, I would jump for you, I would run for you, until the end of times, until my muscles become addict to the effort I would do for you. Until my brain gets cold as yours, I will fight storms. I cannot promisse to be perfect, but I can promiss you that no one will never feel the way I do because of you. No one will never surprise you the way I can. I want and I need to live by your side, I despair, I would give anything to have you here.

Those are the words i never told you,
because I'm to weak to get the consequences of what i say.
Love is difficult, but it's real."

Remember me,

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