sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010

telling stories

"Look, i gotta tell you something, and it's really hard for me to say, wich is pretty weird on me, but that's why i'm talking or writting, whatever, in english. i mean, i really, really wish things can back to be the way they were. i've never felt the way i did when i was with you on that day. you are such a pretty messy boy, that i can't take off my head. you are special the way you do, and you don't need to pretend. and everytime i think about you, wich is actually a lot of times, i remember how i felt when we used to talk all night long: amazing. i know, you're not the relationship guy for now, and i know i'm the only one feeling this way, between us. Honestly i don't know if you will someday actually fall in love for me, but i do know, that, even secretly, i almost did that for you. I just tryed a lot of times to realize why we stepped away. god i miss you, i know i'm probably not your kinda of girl, even with such a big things we have in common, it's not your choice. I do figured out that, and i understand. I respect you anyway, no matter what you gonna do by now, because i will always, i mean ALWAYS, respect the most awesome person i've ever met. and it's such a big honor be your friend, at least. Hope we can see each other sometime. I just wanted you to know this."

love, ritawilliams

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  1. Thanks!
    This means a lot to me.

    I really wish and... I know that one day we'll be happy...

    Thanks, with love,